Accentuating the positive

One of the maxims of the Internet is “don’t read the comments”, and that is certainly good advice when it comes to Judith Sloan’s original blog entry decrying “dim-witted” educators.

But now that her views have attracted so much attention, there have been some measured and powerful statements supporting the work we do. This is at least a positive outcome from this whole thing.

I wanted to highlight this particular one from Catherine Hydon, a well-known advocate for ECE.

So much of what is wrtitten here against the reforms in early childhood education (eg wreckage) is utterly misinformed and indicates a complete lack of knowledge of the sector, the work of early education and the implementation of the reforms. The evidence is overwhelming and eloquently quoted in previous posts. It is unfortunate that we as a sector have not been more successful in ensuring that the community understands this, but i guess we were getting on with our job…supporting young children to learn and grow rather than an elaborate information campaign.

I know the implementation of the reforms well and it has worked and is working and the lives of children and indeed whole communities will benefit from the work that is being undertaken.
I suggest that those who are bagging the process find out more about it from those involved.

And Ms Sloan… I assume your comment about the dim-witted child care worker is now understood as a foolish mistake and one that you regret. I look forward to your apology.

Ms. Hydon also recognises that it is up to us as representatives of the sector to be engaging in positive advocacy in the community to raise our professional image.

You can follow Catherine on Twitter, or check out her website.

By Liam McNicholas

I am an experienced early childhood teacher, writer and advocate. As well as managing community not-for-profit early childhood operations in a variety of roles, I have advocated for children's human rights; the need for investment in early childhood education; and for professional recognition and wages for those working in early childhood education and care.

I am available to be commissioned for freelance writing, editing, event speaking and consulting work.

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