Welcome back to Lighting Fires for 2014!

Thanks to all those who shared, commented and engaged in discussions on the blog (and on Twitter and Facebook). It’s been great fun exploring the political and policy dimensions of early childhood education in Australia.

I’m excited to keep up with the writing this year, as 2014 is going to a seminal year for the sector. 2014 will see:

  • The Productivity Commission report into Childcare and Learning;
  • The ACECQA Review; and
  • The Wage Equity Case for Fair Work Australia.

There has never been a more important time for the sector to be united and professional in its advocacy for children and their human rights to education.

I’m looking forward to being part of the many conversations that will be happening this year. Please subscribe to the blog to keep up with my posts, and please follow me on my second home – Twitter! You can find me @liammcnicholas.

I also have a Facebook page this year, so please join the conversation there as well.

I’d also love to open up the blog to other commentators, advocates and educators in the sector. If you’d like to post an article or opinion on the site, please contact me at liam.mcnicholas@gmail.com.

Here’s to a big year for ECEC in 2014!

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