Private operators back with “red tape” scaremongering

The for-profit operators are back with more ridiculous claims of being “drowned in paperwork”.

Australian Childcare Alliance acting president Judith Atkinson said: “There is an extraordinary amount of paperwork and I think a lot of resources are directed away from the actual engagement of children because of this.”

Child Care South Australia president Kerry Mahony said paperwork had increased dramatically since the National Quality Framework was introduced by the Federal Labor Government in January.

“Centres are drowning in red tape, there’s a terrifying amount of paperwork that has to be done and it distracts from your prime function as a child care worker,” he said.

“When you’ve got 1072 pages of new legislation and there are 70 specified failures that could result in a fine of some sort, staff are very worried about doing something wrong.

“It creates a lot of fear.”

There doesn’t seem much point going in-depth into this nonsense again here, as I have already tackled this before, but it is always worth reiterating a few key points.

The Australian Childcare Alliance and Child Care South Australia are not acting out of concern for children or families, but their own profits.

They have both advocated for loose regulation and lower requirements to work directly with children, directly putting children at risk.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but the sector is certainly not “drowning in red tape”.

Yes, Mr. Mahoney, there are national regulations. This is the safety, wellbeing and education of Australia’s young children at stake.

If you and those you advocate for don’t want to do any paperwork to ensure that a minimum standard in those areas is assured, get out of my sector and make way for someone who takes this job seriously.